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Loewe is a Spanish luxury fashion house specialising in leather goods, clothing, perfumes and other fashion accessories. Founded in 1846, Loewe approaches 175 years as the oldest and one of the world’s major luxury houses.The company was established in 1846 when a group of Spanish leather craftsmen in Madrid were joined by Enrique Loewe, a merchant of Hess.

A former employee said this in a review: "Very bad company, the treatment is horrible and the salary is very low. they do not pay overtime and there is no possibility of job growth, I do not recommend anyone to work in Loewe".


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Senior Sales (Former Employee) says

"Low Salaries (compared with other brands in LVMH)Open vacancies constantly, as the emplyes do not stay more than 12monthsRotas changes continously. Over time (sometime requests to work 6 days a week...) every month (never pay back)Problems with individual targets (affecting individual comissions)No comunication with area manager or HRthere is not any pros applicable"

Dependienta (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente de trabajo dependerá en cada lugar. En concreto, en Loewe del centro de Barcelona, cuando trabajé, era a mejorar notablemente. La encargada mostraba una relación vertical con el resto de empleados, entre quienes además, había cierta competición que generaba un ambiente negativo. Se ponía especial atención en la vestimenta de la clientela para deducir si comprarían o noSalarioDiferencia de trato entre eventuales y fijas"

Creative director of content (Current Employee) says

"Typically a good company but the team turn over is ridiculous. Thus forever having to reteach brand standards to new comers, whilst also producing an inconsistent work load."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome. It is easy to fit in. There are good benefits for the employees including commission and staff allowances.Grooming and dry-cleaningStaff turnover"

dependienta (Former Employee) says

"Mi trabajo era dar una atencion al cliente sobre nuestros productos"

empleada (Former Employee) says

"soy una persona orientada a las tareas pero también mucho a las personas y en esta posición tanto al equipo como al cliente es una necesidad."

SCM says

"DO NOT TRUST ONLINE. I purchased a reversible belt for $550. The money was taken out of my PayPal account, I never received an email order confirmation, and now the vendor that took my money, Emma Gil does not respond. I even created an account with them, and that doesn't work either! I AM STILL AWAITING A RESPONSE."

jeannine wallace says

"Nightmare online orders: I purchased a pair of jeans from the Loewe online store. The initial order was not sent, the warehouse could not find the order, etc. Consequently, I was told after a few weeks (and many emails) to cancel the order and re-order another pair of jeans and Loewe would refund my money in a few days. The money was not refunded for nearly two months and I had to beg Loewe to return my $1150.00. I had to file a bank dispute via my credit card company for the money to be returned. When I canceled this order I made a new order for the jeans. The order took a month to arrive and it was the incorrect order. At this point, it took Loewe about 2 weeks to organise the return. They booked the freight company without telling me and I was at work. The freight company took my name and ended up calling me as they realised Loewe was clueless. The jeans that I ordered still hadn't arrived. After copious emails, the jeans finally arrived nearly two months from the original order. Terrible experience...As mentioned I had to beg for my money and my jeans, my emails were not replied to, and I received the wrong order!"

Rose W says

"Order curbside pickup. After email notification order was ready went to store and spent half an hour calling the number on the curbside sign to let them know I was there. Had to call corporate twice to get someone to bring my order out. No one ever did answer the store phone. Lowe's customer service: Non existant."

Andy Efstathiou says

"Totally disappointment by LVMH and LOEWE brand. Customer of both for ages. First (and last time) i placed an order before 3 weeks over perfumesloewe.com to be delivered in Greece and guess what? You took my money online and no product delivered. After more than 20 emails and dozens of overseas phone calls to any possible LOEWE dpt no one is replying no one is telling me what has happened. No one is getting back to me. Only before 3 days i found a lady in LOEWE HQ looking that for me and surprisingly she said that the "manager" will get back to me. Of course no one got back to me. I remind you that illegal according to EU LAW and financial authorities to operate an eshop with out a phone number to call (like you do) or emails that are never answered / acknowledged. Also its illegal to get people's money with out delivering. Is this really the style of the once in a life time LVMH status??We are reporting you to the press and the financial authorities + we are now making a dispute. You should be a shame treating customers like this."

Theo Penrice says

"**Since this review Loewe swiftly worked to resolve the delayed refund, and I have now received it. I was also sent an apology gift which I wasn’t expecting - especially as the leather string they sent me appears to be for a handbag, not something I imagine many of their male customers would have much use for. Thank you for the resolution anyway!** I ordered a shirt from Loewe 7 weeks ago, which the delivery company lost, after an investigation, which required me to repeatedly contact them for updates on, I received an email saying that the courier had agreed that the parcel was lost and that they would issue me a refund. It has now been 3 weeks since I received this email, and I have not received my refund. I have repeatedly phoned and speak to incredibly polite customer service representatives who assure me that they will chase it and that the accounts department will authorise the refund within 24 hours. Needless to say, I'm still waiting, and still haven't heard anyone actually say sorry, despite the fact that nearly two months ago I spent hundreds of pounds on a shirt which I never received but they still have the money for. TERRIBLE SERVICE, and a shame from such a beautiful brand."

Manya Louvari says

"Horrible, horrible experience. That is the least I can say for the ONLINE store. (contrary to the boutique in Dubai, where I had an amazing experience) Customer service reps with an arrogant attitude, inefficient and not helpful at all. Apart from the stuck up, indifferent attitude, I was told that I will have to wait 15 working days (3 weeks in other words) to get my refund from the time they receive and check the item (another 2 weeks I am sure). I hope that I will at least eventually receive it. Still waiting for them to send me the relevant email, probably ignoring me on purpose. Someone at LOEWE should care enough to teach their online customer service reps, what customer service means. Other luxury brands have amazing online customer service, with polite and efficient teams. They win you over, not the opposite. Keep away from the online store."

vivid zhong says

"Loewe terrible online purchase. I send my order with payment done, only after 10 days repley me product has shipped out,and i have been wait for another 2 weeks the prodcut was stll at the same place wash not shipped out. no reply for customer service until i ask for refund. they immediately reply me due to the quality issue the product was not shipped out. and i was overcharge because of the hiding currency exchange fee... so horrible.i lost 100 sgd and i didnt get my bag. never ever purchase online with LOEWE!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kirsten says

"Horrible online shopping experience not worthy of a supposedly luxury brand In summary: bought an iPhone Elephant case in the LOEWE official online store and considered it an investment piece at a price of EUR 350. I wore it on the strap included like a bag for one (!) day over a soft cashmere coat – it was terribly scratched after that and the material started to peel off making the underlying plastic construction visible. It looked so cheap! This product is faulty and of very poor quality. Which is why I returned it. That is were things got only worse: the customer service is extremely unfriendly and not willing to help. It took LOEWE 4 weeks to reach out to me after receiving the item! I was told that items need to be in perfect shape to be returned, ignoring the very reason why I returned it: the poor quality. I am deeply disappointed on many levels: - the extremely poor quality of the product - the poor customer service - LOEWE's overall unwillingness to cooperate and resolve this issue in a friendly manner This is a very bad experience for me and I am feeling angry and ripped off. From previous experience shopping with other luxury brands, LOEWE's quality standards and customer service are way beyond what is acceptable. A shame for an LVMH brand. Do not buy there!"

nlcb8 says

"Terrible brand, their materials and designs seem weak and are far overpriced like the majority of high fashion brands. I encourage anyone who may purchase such designer clothing to find underground designers on Instagram and support them directly."

Scw says

"Watch out! If you purchase anything at a store, they do not accept a refund for any reason!! They shipped me a WRONG item and they can only issue a store credit that can be used at LOEWE stores which do not include stores inside Nordstrom or online. NO REFUND for their mistake. Moreover, the store credit expires in one year. I have been trying to find that I would like to purchase but NONE! Finally I found a bag I like but it's only available online and I cannot use the store credit for it. CRAZY. I have been dealing with terrible customer service over two months now and my patience is reaching the limit soon. I just want my $1,000 refunded. Huge regret to place an order on the phone. Do not recommend shopping at LOEWE."

Simone Ley says

"I purchased some shoes from Loewe and one of the embellishments fell off. I have contacted them asking for a replacement or even information on how to remove the casing without ruining the shoe. They are so slow at replying! Its been over 10 days now and no response other than they are asking their service department to look into it. I am a regular shopper at Loewe but am now thinking I will avoid the store. So dissapointing"

V says

"Loewe.com sent me a bag covered with multiple scratches. It was shipped to my local LOEWE store but they couldn't do anything about it and didn't know how process a replacement for an online purchase. So I emailed their HQ 5 times, DMed them and even called them in Europe over 2 weeks for a replacement. But nothing was done because the assigned customer service officer was on leave. (Why is it my problem she is on vacation?) It wasn't until I complained on their Instagram post publicly and threatened to dispute did I finally get a feeble attempt at a resolution. Rubbish customer service and quality control. Completely unbefitting for an LVMH company."

Regular_shopper says

"Worst customer service ever! I just would like to return unwanted products and ask for a refund. Their respond is so slow that I had to wait a day or so. I spent four days on requesting return and made NO progress! I called their team in Europe, the lady asked my order number and told me they would follow up on the next day (please note: the next day!) I’ve no idea how busy they are, why they always put the issue hold on! The worst was I didn’t receive anything the next day! I promise I won’t buy their products any more! The worst shopping experience I’ve ever had!"

Carly says

"If you ever desire a leather or clothing product from Loewe stay far, far, away from their website!! Purchased a $3950 leather jacket last month on their direct website. When I received the jacket, the color was nothing like it was in the picture. I promptly sent it back using the DHL label provided by Loewe (I also contacted them initially to inform them of the return). The parcel got held up for days in customs at Madrid due to inadequate paperwork from Loewe. It was finally released on 7/23/18 and signed for by Nicolas Muoz at 10:32 a.m. at Loewe headquarters. A week went by and still no refund. I contacted the US customer service center and was given the run around not only on the initial call, but every call afterwards. Their useless manager Lily Ann, never calls back when she promises to. I should have known better! A friend of mine who is prominent in the fashion industry, just told me today that she has been hearing about A LOT of problems with Loewe Spain/USA. Suffice it to say, I have completely soured towards the Loewe line and will never purchase another item from them again. Shame..I was a big fan and purchased often from Barneys, but no more!! Please, for your own sake, be warned that you may never receive a refund which is owed to you if you return anything to this sham of a company. I have since filed a dispute for the charge with my credit card company and this will be the only way that I am able to recover what is rightly due back to me."

Pia Lindvig Salomonsen says

"When buying at LOEWE Spain's webshop, they're quick to send, but extremely slow if anything is wrong, which it was on one of the bags I ordered. It had a small but deep scratch on front, and the packaging and strap was in disarray and looked like the bag had been unwrapped and used before. The bag was a present for my husband, so I wanted the bag exchanged for a new one. They do not put a return label into the package, so just getting one took a few days. Sadly it was the last bag in stock too, but I signed up for news on restocking, which they did - but it was the bag I returned, and not a new one. I know this, as I got a mail saying it was restocked immediately followed by another saying they'd settled my refund for it. The whole experience was that LOEWE are nice enough to talk and write to, but extremely slow in answering. Their help in trying to obtain a new bag for me to order, was like pulling out teeth. Online I saw they had loads of them in Asia, but they never suggested that I could have one sent from there. It took some research, but I found it online at Mr Porter myself. Sadly it was loads more expensive, but I wanted it, and bought it, and my husband now has a pristine Puzzle Messenger bag. No help to LOEWE's customer service though. My advice is to stay far away from them. I'm not the only one getting a scratched bag sent (apparent from other customer reviews), which I find extremely bad form for a luxury brand. And that they apparently just put it back into their webshop as stock is just not acceptable."

Veryvanessaish says

"I just wanted to purchase a few items from the official LOEWE website (total value over 3000 Euro). After reading these reviews I will not risk it. Please LOEWE team take these reviews seriously and work on improvement. I'm sure you have already lost many potential customers after they read these reviews. Thank you to everyone who shared their experience!!"

Cheung Haynes says

"Here’s my traumatic experience: Ordered their cardholder from official website. I was left with total shock and mental distress. Major flaws I found: - non of the sewing are straight ∥. - gaps between the threads are unequal. - the disastrous coloring of the edges are out of the way. - theres a small hole (break) on the edge. Etc, etc. It remains a mystery what kinds of low quality factory Loewe used, and how a high fashion brand like Loewe would have accepted such pathetic, ugly creature that looks like a fish burger from McDonald’s after a heavy rain. (And it costs £175, btw) Confusing exchange policies: Website shows products could be exchanged at stores, however, I was told by the store to contact the customer service instead. Waste of my time and travel cost. **Return policy should serve as a guarantee of satisfaction, instead of a backup plan for failure of scamming your once faithful customers.** -UPDATE- They replied to my email and gave me a cold, robotic, copy and paste ‘dear customer’ email. Didn’t even address any of my points! Wow. Here I quote from their email: “ The creation must be returned in perfect condition and in their original packaging. ” I hope they consider that trashy made piece as ‘perfect condition’. No apology or whatsoever. Sounds almost like Donald Trump in fashion industry. Good luck for that. I’ll return this disgrace and you will get all 0 stars reviews at different site. -UPDATE- I left a comment on their Instagram and was disappeared. Reminds me of North Korea and how communism deals with the problems they created. -LAST UPDATE- Customer service from LOEWE SPAIN contacted me. The issue has been resolved."

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